Android版本更新資訊-July 24, 2023

version 5.15.5 (15154) for Android

New and enhanced features

  • Meeting/webinar features
    • AV1 video codec 
      To provide higher quality video without also increasing bandwidth usage, Zoom is rolling out a new video codec to free accounts. Use of codecs, including AV1, is adaptive, meaning that Zoom will choose the most appropriate codec for each user’s environment.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements
  • Resolved an issue for a subset of users regarding the possibility of calls unexpectedly merging 
  • Resolved an issue regarding the 4294967295 error code encountered when scheduling meetings 
  • Resolved an issue with shared contact lists not appearing 
  • Resolved an issue regarding the start of a poll and breakout rooms not notifying users with in-meeting chat open 
  • Resolved an issue regarding contacts not appearing properly in search results
  • Resolved an issue regarding notifications being inconsistently blocked with Intune policies 

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