Android版本更新資訊-August 17, 2020

version 5.2.44042.0816 for Android

New and enhanced features

  • General features
    • Allow Host to unmute participants using pre-approved consent 
      The host can schedule meetings and webinars with Request permission to Unmute Participants, which allows participants to pre-approve the host’s ability to unmute them as needed when joining a meeting. This pre-approval will remain in place for all meetings with this host, and can be revoked by the participant at any time.
  • Chat features
    • Admin control of who (internal/external) can add more members to a channel
      For security and privacy purposes, channel admins can control if external contacts can add new members to channels and group chats. Channel can be configured to allow either all channel members or only fellow organization members to add new members to channels.
  • Phone features
    • Inbound call notification for internal safety response team 
      Members of the internal safety response team will see a special inbound call notification when a phone user calls an emergency number (PSAP). The notification allows members to answer calls that are still dialing, or listen in on calls that were answered by the PSAP.
    • Email notifications for emergency calls from mobile app 
      Members of the internal safety response team will receive an email notification when a phone user calls an emergency number from the mobile app.
    • Proximity call flip
      Users move an active call to a Zoom Room that’s in close proximity. This is supported on Zoom Rooms with a phone license.

Resolved Issues

  • Occasional calls not appearing on mobile app
    Fixes an issue where some calls were declined on the mobile app due to weak network.
  • Call queue continues routing calls to users after sign-out
    Resolved issue with users leaving call queue and still receiving calls active in the queue.
  • Minor bug fixes 

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