Windows版本更新資訊-June 29, 2020

version 5.1.1 (28546.0628) for Windows

Changes to existing features

  • Uploaded Virtual Background will not be shared across users on the same device
    Uploaded Virtual Backgrounds will now be specific to the user who is signed in. If a user uploads virtual backgrounds, they will not be visible in Zoom client settings for other users who sign in on the same device.

New and enhanced features

  • Meeting/webinar features
    • Support for account managed Virtual Backgrounds
      Account owners and admins can now add virtual backgrounds to the Zoom web portal for all users on their account. If the virtual background setting is locked, users will only have access to the admin uploaded virtual backgrounds and the Zoom default backgrounds and will not be able to add their own from the Zoom client when logged in to that Zoom account. This setting is available at the account and group level and requires Zoom client version 5.1.1.
  • Chat features
    • External Contact Invitation Privacy Disclosure
      When users send or accept an external contact invitation, they will be shown a privacy disclosure explaining that their profile information and, depending on the account IM Settings, their presence status will be visible to the external contact upon successful connection.
    • Edit the most recent message by pressing the Up key
      When the Zoom chat window is in focus, users can edit the most recent chat message by pressing the Up key.
    • Push notifications for file downloads
      Users can now receive push notifications when a share file downloads successfully, or if the file fails to download.
  • General features
    • Italian and Vietnamese language support
      The Zoom client now supports Italian and Vietnamese. By default, Zoom will match the operating system’s language if supported and users can manually select a language of their choice.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes

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